New Review from noted sex expert JE Ellington, “Dr. E”

James Chapman’s How to Loose Your Wife to Another Woman reminds us that we are all normal and we are all nuts when it comes to our sexuality.  His achingly honest memoir helps us all contemplate how we balance what we need, versus what we think we want and what we can live with, in our intimate relationships.  How to Loose Your Wife will be a comfort and support to the millions of people who are living, or who have lived in a Mixed-Orentiation Marriage. But even beyond that, his work can help us all look more realistically at our human relationships,  to realize that our sexual selves are much less static than we often think.  Sometimes exploring this can provide couples, freedom.  Sometimes it is destructive.  But being true to ourselves through the journey, is the only way to reach the other side intact. Thanks for being a guide on this journey James!  —JE Ellington, PhD. “Dr. E”

Thanks Dr. E for such a stellar review!  –James

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